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Audio Interface – Which Ones To Choose

The audio interface – initially I thought I may never need it cause of budget constrains and I was wrong – big time.

I purchase a USB to audio interface and I was made to pay for my rookie mistake. Going cheap doesn’t always turn out good – what I learn so far … though I kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

usb-audio The thought of getting the audio from a guitar to the PC on a cheap backfired and due to a big reason mentioned below.

The Guitar Link, as what it mentioned if the picture on the left, has no preamp built in. That”s important for you to control the gain which can be very high from the guitar. I ended having audio peaking above the 3db mark and that’s not good for recording .

After trying multiple times not getting the sound I want and it always distorts as the wave signal clips, I decided to save up and get me a proper audio interface.

The time of research came and now if you were to go to Amazon, you’ll be spoil for choice. There’s Presonus Audiobox, Mackie Onyx BlackJack, Focusrite Scarlett, and many more. It took me a while and lots of research on the web before I decided to go for the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

It was cheap and versatile.

Important thing to note is the support drivers if you’re running on a Windows machine. Like the Mackie Onyx Blackjack , drivers for Windows 8 till 10 are still non supported eventhough some tried and maybe successful. So do check the official website on the comparability section before making the purchase.

Always , check reviews, they are tons of them out there and do proper research. If it meets your budget just go for it.

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Starting Out With Presets – Its Not Wrong

When I did 6 Overdrive’s first EP entitled Life@SG, i basically used presets all the way, from mixing to mastering.ezm_01

Not that anyone knows about it, but it turned out ok, nice sounding and listenable.

From EQ to Compression to FXs all are presets based. But most important thing, is making things listenable and the rest of the band feel good about it.

For highly technical producers, this may sound an insult or some cheat sheet, but till you grow into audio , you just gotta start somewhere. Its important to get the ball rolling, momentum is key here, and you can always revisit it in the future if you want to.

Just remember all producers used a little bit of presets … here and there .. its how you captivate the sound to meet your requirement. There will critics, haters, whatever …. but the important you (as the producer) is satisfied with the output. Till next  post … ride on ……

GarageBand – Why It May Not Be Your Permanent DAW

Just like every newbie out there on a MacBook, I started out with GarageBand. garage_band-main_1

The in-built free DAW that is preloaded with every Mac OSX is a very simple and useful tool to start with. Its a good easy to use tool but when come to  customizing, you are down with limited choices.

One thing that was not mentioned that I learn the hard way is that eventhough its on a Mac, is the hardware specs(which is the minimum requirement for all doing audio production). The hard disk in the laptop must be running at least on 7200rpm , mine was 5400rpm (thats the stock macbook ) and at least 4gb of ram (mine is running 2gb). No wonder, I was having playback and recording issues. It makes things if you are running plugins like AUs and VSTs (we will come back about that in the future posts ….. hehehe).

Upgraded my laptop, DIY, to a 750gb hard disk running at 7200rpm and 8gb of RAM after 2 months of trial and error research. Work well but things just went to a downward spiral after 6 months of using GarageBand. It just doesn’t meet the requirements.

Thus as a start, a great tool but when you start to get to the neasy greasy …. it an’t much you can do.

Anyway there are tons of tutorials on GarageBand out there but at Youtube there is one particular channel that I subscribe to when learning using the program.

The GarageBand & Beyond is one great channel you should check out if you’re just starting out.

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You Can Start With Zero Audio Knowledge

Audio Production & Engineering – Wow it sounds very overwhelming .cd

Trust me … it is …. but to start with zero knowledge is more of daunting task.

That’s how I started.

For me the important thing is that I wanted it to happen . Been playing music and loving it for so long, I felt the emptiness of not having a good sounding EP (well most people would want to have album) for my band “6 Overdrive”.

The important thing is to know what is your goal in starting Audio or any field (for that mattters).

For me – It’s getting a good sounding EP.  Recorded properly with minimize mistakes heard. And that was it …..

I had to go lots though, how to record , what software to use, what hardware to buy, etc. This took hours of research (an average 2 hours a day , daily for a year) . And the goal to complete everything in 3 years which may seem too long of a goal for some.

Dedication is what you need in going through and the tons of info out there (like youtube) for you to start out.

In my future posts, I will share how I overcome all odds and what I use to build my humble home studio on a budget and complete the project in 2.5 years !!!!