You Can Start With Zero Audio Knowledge

Audio Production & Engineering – Wow it sounds very overwhelming .cd

Trust me … it is …. but to start with zero knowledge is more of daunting task.

That’s how I started.

For me the important thing is that I wanted it to happen . Been playing music and loving it for so long, I felt the emptiness of not having a good sounding EP (well most people would want to have album) for my band “6 Overdrive”.

The important thing is to know what is your goal in starting Audio or any field (for that mattters).

For me – It’s getting a good sounding EP.  Recorded properly with minimize mistakes heard. And that was it …..

I had to go lots though, how to record , what software to use, what hardware to buy, etc. This took hours of research (an average 2 hours a day , daily for a year) . And the goal to complete everything in 3 years which may seem too long of a goal for some.

Dedication is what you need in going through and the tons of info out there (like youtube) for you to start out.

In my future posts, I will share how I overcome all odds and what I use to build my humble home studio on a budget and complete the project in 2.5 years !!!!


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