Starting Out With Presets – Its Not Wrong

When I did 6 Overdrive’s first EP entitled Life@SG, i basically used presets all the way, from mixing to mastering.ezm_01

Not that anyone knows about it, but it turned out ok, nice sounding and listenable.

From EQ to Compression to FXs all are presets based. But most important thing, is making things listenable and the rest of the band feel good about it.

For highly technical producers, this may sound an insult or some cheat sheet, but till you grow into audio , you just gotta start somewhere. Its important to get the ball rolling, momentum is key here, and you can always revisit it in the future if you want to.

Just remember all producers used a little bit of presets … here and there .. its how you captivate the sound to meet your requirement. There will critics, haters, whatever …. but the important you (as the producer) is satisfied with the output. Till next  post … ride on ……


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